One of the world’s most talented mandolin players is coming to Newtown just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend. Sierra Hull will be bringing her bluegrass music and eight stringed instrument to the Zlock Performing Arts Center on Friday, Feb. 15.

Sierra Hull named 2016 Mandolin Player of the Year. Photo by Dave Brainard.

The evening promises Hull’s full ensemble and her Southern-forged musical prowess. As a singer and songwriter with several studio albums, Hull has proven herself as a talented artist. A sample of her music is available here.

Hull grew up with her family in Tennessee where music permeated her existence. Singing in church, along with almost every relative, was just one of the facets in which music became a way of life.

Her father introduced her to the mandolin when she was eight years old. It was the perfect size for a small child who had earlier received a large fiddle for Christmas.

“I immediately in love with it,” Hull said. “I think the fact that it’s a small, high pitched instrument makes it easy for a kid to relate to. Playing the mandolin was such a nice, easy fit for a small eight-year-old girl. I’ve never grown tired of it.”

Just two years later she debuted at the Grand Ole Opry, then played at Carnegie Hall at age 12. She has since gone on to study at Berklee, play at the White House, and win Mandolin Player of the Year with the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards three years in a row starting in 2016. To top it off, Sierra Hull is only 27 years old.

“It’s always been an instrument that’s been so exciting to explore and I think the way the mandolin expresses rhythm is really fun,” Hull explained. “I love the role of the mandolin in bluegrass music. Mandolin focuses on a percussive sound that’s just all about groove and timing. I really love to feel the rhythm lock in when playing with a group of musicians.”

Hull will be playing with her ensemble at the auditorium on Bucks County Community College campus on Friday, Feb. 15. The performance begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are available here.