Late last week, prosecutors and Sean Kratz’ defense team filed several motions ahead of his trial. Kratz, 21, of Philadelphia chose to stand trial for his involvement in three of the four brutal Solebury murders that happened in July 2017.

The DA’s office wants to include Kratz’ dark and violent past in their prosecution. While the defense wants to take the trial out of Bucks County and exclude the death penalty.

Kratz is charged with three counts of first degree murder among other charges for the deaths of Dean Finnochario, 19, Mark Sturgis 22, and Thomas Meo, 21 on a remote farm in Upper Bucks County owned by the DiNardo family.

His co-defendant and convicted killer, Cosmo DiNardo, faced four counts including the death of Jimi Taro-Patrick, 19. DiNardo took a plea deal with the DA’s office and is serving four consecutive life sentences.

Defense Attorney Keith Williams stated due to the case’s “adverse and extensive publicity” the venue should be moved. Niels Eriksen, handling the death penalty side of the case, filed more than 100 pages outlining the unconstitutional use of the death penalty for Kratz.

According to documents WBCB News gained access to, the DA’s office wants to include Kratz’ involvement in a Nov. 2016 shooting in Philadelphia were the victim suffered “serious bodily injury.”

The DA’s office also seeks to include a Sept. 2016 incident where his mother had to involuntarily commit him to Friends Hospital for “violent tendencies and threats.” Kratz stayed in the hospital from Sept. 21 to the 29 after he showed his 9-year-old brother a gun and told him he would “blow his brains out” and kill his sister.

Aside from Kratz’ past offenses, the DA’s office wants to present six expert witnesses at the trial along with cell phone records obtained involving victim Dean Finnoacharo of Middletown.

Due to a gag order filed neither council is allowed to discuss the case with the media. President Judge Jeffery Finely made the order directly after Kratz’ former attorney Craig Penglase gave an audio confession tape to a Philadelphia news organization.

Williams referenced Penglase’s “ulterior motives” in requests to suppress two other statements Kratz made to the DA’s office.

Kratz’ trial is scheduled to begin on Nov. 7.