A video showing a confrontation between two park-goers at Sesame Place in Middletown has gone semi-viral. With more than 8,000 plays on Instagram, the park has responded by banning a woman who allegedly told another person in line to “go back where you came from.”

Zaafirah Moore told 6 abc she asked the other woman to tone down the profanity while at the park Monday.

“It’s a million kids out here. Don’t use this language around the children,” Moore recalled. “And the lady turned around to me and just said ‘F me, you can go back to where you came from.'”

After the response, Moore pulled out an electronic device and began recording. Video shows the woman giving Moore the bird, then telling her to “go f**k yourself.”

When she realized she was being recorded, the alleged aggressor began swatting at the camera. “Don’t take no pictures of me,” she said multiple times.

Moore told reporters she believes she was targeted for being Muslim and wearing religious apparel.

Sesame Place issued a response, saying the park “only welcomes respect for others and does not tolerate this type of behavior.” The other guest “will not be permitted to return.”

The video, below, includes frequent foul language and aggressive behavior.