SEPTA will stop selling Paper Transfers starting on Wednesday as it continues to introduce its Key Cards.

Riders can still receive the $1 transfer fare or the 50-cent half-fare transfer for eligible customers with the SEPTA Key Card with Travel Wallet. The change affects subways, trolleys, trackless trolleys, buses and the Norristown High Speed Line.

To receive the transfer fare, riders must tap their card for their connecting ride within 90 minutes of their first trip.

“There’s been glitches along the way here and there, but we haven’t had significant issues with people not getting charged correct transfer amounts or anything like that,” SEPTA Chief Press Officer Andrew Busch said. “Overall, there was concern among some riders about how they would switch over and if it was going to cost more, which it didn’t. The same fare structure that we have in place is all being carried over with the Key.”

Wednesday also marks the end of token sales at Regional Rail stations. Busch said about 70 percent of subway, bus and trolley riders use Key Cards to pay their fares. The Key was first introduced in May 2016.

SEPTA wanted to wait until about 50 percent of riders who used tokens and Paper Transfers switched to the Key before it announced the end of Paper Transfer sales, Busch said. SEPTA first announced the change in May.

“It’s a significant change for SEPTA riders, who have, up until we started switching to the Key, have had to stand in line to buy tokens or monthly passes, have had to go up to an operator or a cashier to buy a Paper Transfer,” Busch said. “So it’s essentially going from having to wait in lines and making sure you have things like exact change if you’re going to a cashier or buying a product from an operator to electronic fare payment.”

WBCB’s Evan Easterling contributed to this post.