SEPTA Returning To Full Service Schedules On Regional Rail

Bristol Station

SEPTA will be returning to its normal, pre-pandemic schedules, for most lines on the regional rail on Monday, June 29.

Since late March, the Trenton Line and other rails have run every two hours. SEPTA only recently restored service to the West Trenton Line, which had been suspended entirely.

But as the region, including Bucks, moves into the green phase of reopening this Friday, SEPTA is restoring service.

The Regional Rail, including the West Trenton and Trenton Lines, will run each hour on weekdays. The Airport and Paoli/Thorndale Lines will operate every 30 minutes.

“This is a significant step forward for SEPTA and our region as we work through the phases of COVID-19 recovery,” said SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “We are excited to see more customers returning, and we want to assure them that we are ready with safe and reliable service.”

SEPTA has already begun sanitizing all vehicles twice per day as part of its cleaning program.

Crews are also ensuring the safety of all open stations. This includes “around-the-clock cleaning, disinfecting and power-washing.” An entire team is dedicated solely to wiping down surfaces.

Meantime, SEPTA is requesting all customers to wear face masks. These are required to board a train, bus, or trolley.