Reduced Fare riders or Riders with Disabilities must soon have the latest, most up to date SEPTA Key Cards. As part of the ongoing Key Transition, SEPTA plans for all Reduced Fare riders to have their new cards by Oct. 1.

“Over the past year, we have had pretty extensive communication with them to try and give them an opportunity to come in and get the new photo ID with the key capability on it,” Andrew Busch, Chief Press Officer with SEPTA, explained.

Nearly 23,000 riders have already picked up their new Reduced Fare Photo ID cards. If customers have not gotten their cards yet, or would like to apply for one they must do so at SEPTA Headquarters located at 1234 Market Street or at Suburban Station-Accessible Travel Center.

Busch said Riders with Disabilities have to go to those location in order fill out proper paper work. Then the process takes between two to four weeks.

Those eligible for the Reduced Fare will pay half the regular fee. The requirements and eligibility for the program has not changed and can be found online at or by calling Customer Service at (215) 580-7145.

The new ID cards will have the ‘Travel Wallet’ feature for a “convenient tap-and-go travel.” This will allow riders to leave the cash behind and only carry their SEPTA cards. Bush said the cards will allow $5 to $250 to be loaded onto the cards and used throughout the SEPTA lines.

“Similar to other riders, moving from cash, moving from tokens to everything being on the Key Card,” Busch said.

The next step for SEPTA is working to bring the transition to Regional Rail customers, possibly sometime this summer. Busch said workers are currently testing out a system that will likely move along the process.

For elderly customers still without their Key Cards, Busch said many options are available as SEPTA often goes to senior expos and offers options at local legislators offices.

“We are well into the process but there is still a ways to go,” Busch said feedback is always welcome throughout the transition period at