SEPTA Keeping Rates Flat, Children Ride Free With Adult

The Croydon SEPTA station.

SEPTA has announced a new Fare Restructuring Plan to keep ride rates flat through January 2021. Its new plan also includes several other cost savers for riders.

The transportation authority has put a stop to any fare increases through 2021 to help people struggling financially.

Children under the age of 12 will ride free. They must have a fare-paying adult with them to ride free.

SEPTA had announced their Fare Restructuring Plan before the pandemic. It has since made adjustments based on feedback.

“As people return to work and their normal routines, safe and reliable public transportation is going to play a critical role,” said SEPTA Board Chairman Pasquale T. Deon Sr. “The changes in the Fare Restructuring Plan will help our riders during this difficult time and aid in the region’s recovery.”

Additionally, SEPTA will be adding a three day pass in the fall for people who work less than five days per week.

General Manager Leslie Richards says they adapted their plan with the goals of “improving equity, and better meeting the needs of low-income communities and families.”

Other changes under the new plan include:

  • One free transfer: Customers who use Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key will get one free transfer per trip, resulting in a savings of $1.
  • Extended Transfer Time-Frame: Customers will have up to two hours from the start of their trip to use a transfer, which is a 30-minute increase compared to the current 90-minute window.

These measures, with the exception of the three day pass, go into effect Wednesday, July 1st.