Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick,  co-chair of the ALS Caucus, announced Thursday that his companion bill, the Right to Try Act of 2017 [S.204], which unanimously passed the Senate last year, will be voted on next week in the House. The announcement resulted from Fitzpatrick’s morning meeting with House Leadership.

“Every day millions of Americans and their families face the devastating reality of a terminal diagnosis. I am appreciative of House leadership’s commitment to have a vote on Right to Try. Patients with terminal illness have already waited too long,” said Fitzpatrick. “Americans should have every opportunity to fight for their life, or the life of their loved one. I am grateful for the steadfast efforts of Senator Johnson, Representative Andy Biggs and all the advocates who worked together behind the scenes to get to this point. Now it’s time to get Right to Try to the President’s desk.”

Advancing this policy has been a long-time priority for Fitzpatrick and Vice President Pence, who signed Indiana’s Right to Try law while serving as governor. It has also been a priority for President Trump, who called for the bill’s passage in his State of the Union Address earlier this year.