Jury selection for the trial of suspected Solebury Slaying killer 21-year-old Sean Kratz will begin in Doylestown today.

Police investigate the DiNardo Farm in July 2017.

Kratz is accused of conspiring with his cousin Cosmo DiNardo in three of the four murders in which the pair allegedly shot, burned, and buried four young solebury men.

Assistant District Attorney Gregg Shore is still seeking the death penalty in the case. Kratz rejected a plea deal of 59 to 118 years in May shortly before his former defense attorney Craig Penglase leaked audio to the public.

The audio included Kratz’s confession to police after his arresting, detailing his involvement in the murders. The leaked tapes painted Kratz as a scared puppet in DiNardo’s master plan.

“We believe the release of the tapes in the long run will have no effect on what will be a successful prosecution of Sean Kratz,” Shore said.

Kratz’s supposed image as an innocent victim of manipulation is contradicted by several incidents of violence. According to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Kratz was involved in a Philadelphia shooting in November of 2016 responsible for seriously injuring the victim.

Prosecutors also want to include the time in September of 2016 when Kratz’s mother had him involuntarily committed to Friends Hospital for “violent tendencies and threats.” Kratz stayed in the facility from Sept. 21 to 29 after he showed his 9-year-old brother a gun and told him he would “blow his brains out” and kill his sister.

DiNardo was sentenced to life behind bars after accepting plea deal to avoid the death penalty. He is being held in a medium-security prison in Northeastern Pennsylvania specializing in treating the mentally ill.