Scudder Falls Bridge will soon be charging motorists for crossing the Delaware River using I-295 near Lower Makefield.

Beginning July 10, customers will need to pay a toll to cross the newly constructed span.  The toll’s purpose is to assure that users pay for the massive construction project.

Officials confirmed the bridge will use a state-of-the-art all-electronic tolling system (AET), meaning motorists no longer have to stop and pay the toll.

For non-E-ZPass travelers, a camera will take a picture of the driver and the license plate.  A bill will then be sent to the cars registered owner. E-ZPass owners’ process remains the same.

E-ZPass users will continue to have greatly reduced rates, however.  The cost for the average (two axle, class 1 passenger car) vehicle with E-ZPass will be $1.25 and $2.60 without.  There will also be a frequency based discount for E-ZPass users. A commuter making 16 or more trips per month will receive 40% off of their toll, meaning that that $1.25 is reduced to $0.75.

The $534 million project began in July 2017 and is expected to take four-and-a-half years, ending in 2021.  The main goal is to replace the outdated bridge and increase its capacity. They look to accomplish this by adding two lanes to the existing four.

To find out more about the tolls or improvements, check out the official website here.

WBCB’s Wes Champlin contibuted to this post.