The Fairless Hills Garden Center has always sold Christmas trees, wreaths, and festive decorations, but now it has the most beloved Saint Nick in Bucks County. Santa Scott is back in action this Christmas, bringing an unorthodox yet lovable style to his fans right in Lower Bucks County.

Santa Scott was a longtime favorite for anyone who wanted to get their picture taken with the jolliest man of the season. While his signature forearm tattoos catch people’s attention, the real joy is Santa Scott’s appeal.

Santa Scott brings large lines.
Santa Scott’s presence brings a line snaking back and forth through the Fairless Hills Garden Center. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The Johnson family has visited Santa Scott for the last six years. They plan to visit him no matter where he ends up every year for Christmas.

“He’s that different type of Santa, he’s got the naughty and nice thing on his forearms” said Brent Johnson, who was with his parents and four siblings. “He gets to know you, he doesn’t just sit there and say, ‘What do you want for Christmas,’ he’s personable.”

“He remembers you when you come back and that was the best part,” Johnson’s father said. “We have five children and that’s why everyone makes sure to come see Santa Scott. He’s the best.”

Of course, the Johnson’s aren’t the only fans coming back to see Santa Scott. A line out the door all Sunday morning showed how many people wanted to see their Father Christmas.

“They’re all coming back. They all Facebook me, blowing me up constantly saying, ‘We’re coming, what days are you there,” Santa Scott said. “They bring me gifts all the time, cookies and brownies, it’s great. It means I get to eat!”

In particular, Santa Scott’s uniqueness shows during the photographs themselves. He has request after request of children asking him to hold them upside down and in wrestling holds.

Finally, even the elves enjoy working all morning every weekend during the holiday season with the locally famous Kriss Kringle. Elf Lily loves working with the other helpers to make sure people get their photos with Santa Scott.

“Right around the holidays I decided it would be fun to work with the kids and have them come in and see Santa,” Lily said. “He’s awesome with the kids. He makes it fun to come in, you’re not just getting your normal traditional picture.”

Anyone who wants a photo with Santa Scott can check his schedule on the Fairless Hills Garden Center Facebook page. As always, Santa ScottĀ encourages pets and special requests .