The incumbent Republican row officers for Bucks County will be running for re-election together this year. The four officials made a joint announcement of their cooperative effort Monday at the county courthouse.

Though people are saved from the chaos of national elections this year, local politics can be just as important for communities.

The incumbent officers looking for re-election are:

  • Mary Smithson, Clerk of Courts
  • Dr. Joe Campbell, Coroner
  • Don Petrille Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
  • Tom Panzer, Treasurer

Party Chair Pat Poprik tells WBCB these four individuals must come together in their work to ensure the county runs smoothly. In running together, it allows them to showcase how the county benefits from them working as a unit.

“They are not in a void, they have to work together,” Party Chair Pat Poprik told WBCB. “I think that’s why the government made it this way so they run together. If they ran separately, there would not be a cohesiveness.”

These positions cover a wide variety of responsibilities vital to the people of Bucks. The Coroner holds the position of chief medical examiner while the Clerk of Courts must handle all criminal filings. In unfortunate, but common, circumstances they must collaborate to carry out justice.

The Register of Wills handles multiple tasks including probating wills and collecting inheritance tax. Among its more important jobs, the Treasurer receives and disburses over $500 million dollars towards all county government operations.

“The four of us bring our diverse backgrounds and experience to a team that has created, and now preserves, the quality of life that attracts people to Bucks County, and keeps us here,” the officers said in their joint statement. “In order to keep Bucks County the best place to live, work and raise a family, we are proud to announce we are running for re-election in 2019.”

Primary elections are scheduled for May 21 while this year’s general election is Nov. 5.