After a long summer of lane changes, traffic jams, and road work the project to reorganize and repave the section of Route 1 through the Route 32 and Route 13 interchange seems close to its conclusion.

The new concrete barrier. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A concrete barrier on Route 1 northbound separating the Route 13 on-ramp from the Route 32 exit to Morrisville has been planned from the beginning. It prevents motorists from making a dangerous move changing multiple lanes from the on-ramp to the exit, putting the lives of other drivers in danger.

The barrier is now in place as of last week, allowing traffic merging onto Route 1 North to build up speed and safely coalesce with vehicles already on the highway. Newly painted lanes also more clearly instruct motorists on how to merge safely.

Bob Kent, Community Relations Coordinator with PennDOT, said this may be the last week of construction, weather permitting.

“We’re in the home stretch for this project,” Kent said. “I’m sure motorists will be happy to see everything cleared up out there. I know progress has been taxing on them early in the project, but I think they’re going to have much more safe conditions at the end of this week.”

An overview of the interchange near Snipes Farm. Click to enhance. Photo via Google Maps.

However, work is not completely done. More construction is expected this week, bringing some lane closures.

Permanent line striping, rumble strips, and raised paving markers for snow plows are being put in place as finishing touches according to Kent.

Traffic headed northbound on Route 1 should expect lane restrictions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights fromĀ 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., though work is weather dependent. Commuters and travelers should anticipate delays during this time.

The project is estimated to rack up a final total of more than $2.3 million, but every cent is provided through federal funds.