The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission did not vote to give an equal discount on Scudder Falls Bridge to Pennsylvanians at last week’s meeting. But State Rep. Wendi Thomas says the fight is not over. 

Thomas joined WBCB for Views From the Hill for an interview about the discount exclusively offered to New Jersey E-ZPass owners. Most recently, she spoke with a member of the PA Turnpike who works with E-ZPass.

Currently, the standard rate for all bridge users headed westbound is $1.25 per trip. However, people with NJ E-ZPass are eligible for a 40% discount down to $0.75 if they are tolled 16 or more times per month.

“I understand that it is taking time, but I do want people to know it’s not over yet,” Thomas said. “It won’t be over to me until I have a full logical explanation, or frankly, my real hope is it’s fixed.”

A petition Thomas created in July quickly garnered roughly 1,200 signatures in just 13 days. People in New Hope, Washington Crossing, Lower Bucks, and even New Jersey signed onto the petition.

Despite the support, Thomas says communication with the DRJTBC has been difficult.

Thomas learned from last Monday’s meeting is this matter requires the involvement of the PA Turnpike. When speaking with a liaison Thursday morning, the representative said they did not think the solution would be difficult to implement. However, Thomas tempered expectations as it was only one phone call.

“My next steps will be to try to work on a meeting between the two entities,” Thomas said, referencing the PA Turnpike and DRJTBC. “I’m hopeful and I will keep people up to date on my Facebook.”

WBCB will continue to cover the issue as it develops