Bristol Township Council President Craig Bowen appeared Wednesday afternoon as my guest on WBCB’s Speak Your Piece program one day after being sworn in (again) as president of the township council.

Bowen outlined accomplishments of the last term, including progress on the controversial issue of recovery homes with legislative action pending in Harrisburg. Municipal taxes remained stable, which is good news for township taxpayers. With more snow on the way this winter, Bowen said the township will be doing a “better job” with snow removal with new trucks and salt spraying apparatus.

Pat Wandling and Craig Bowen talking on Speak Your Piece, weekdays 12 to 1 p.m. on WBCB 1490 AM

In an effort to uplift the community overall, including its economic future, the township council launched a more business-friendly plan, including beefing up the inspection department along with other changes. Among plans for the future is the gateway beautification program for most visible intersections, that is, incoming travelers will see more attractive “gateways” to one of the largest municipalities in Bucks County.

And Bristol Township government also tapped into the county’s Open Space Program funds to purchase a Croydon site, a former mobile home park, which it plans to convert into a beautiful public park. Closer to the township building on Bath Road a future plan includes expansion of the park and construction of an amphitheater, similar to one in nearby Bensalem Township. All of this points to a low-key revitalization of one of the oldest townships in Bucks County and one of the largest.

A township businessman, Bowen said he got active in politics after concluding the only way to get anything done for the business community (and taxpayers) was to be an office-holder. He was right. And that was following a business owners meeting when many similar complaints were aired.

Bowen and his running mates believed the township was business “unfriendly” and through its unwieldy regulations and zoning issues discouraged many from locating or living in the township.

However, the council is of one mind about the future and give credit to the team of professionals running the administration and the police department with no political interference he said.

We say congratulations to the entire township council for looking forward, for accepting change and for working for the taxpayers. We look forward to future on-air visits from Council President Bowen and others in township government. -PW