Rate Of Coronavirus Cases Decreases In Bucks To Lowest Level Since July 4th

A map of confirmed active coronavirus cases in Bucks County as of Aug 11, 2020. Image via Bucks County Government.

Bucks County just saw its smallest increase of new coronavirus cases since the Fourth of July holiday.

Health officials reported an average of 23 positives per day this past Friday through Monday.

The county experienced a brief spike in cases following Independence Day due to out of state travel. But after a month, the number of cases from out-of-state travel have decreased significantly.

Bucks County Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker expects the trend to continue.

“We will likely continue to trend downward until we reach our ‘new’ baseline of cases here in the green phase,” said Damsker.

“While we can’t eliminate all COVID-19 cases, we should continue our efforts to minimize spread so that both Bucks County residents and affected Bucks County businesses can start recovering as quickly, and as safely, as possible.”

Two people have passed away this month due to COVID-19. Both were in their early 70’s with underlying health conditions.

Bucks now has a total of 6,801 confirmed positives. Of those confirmed to have the virus, 5,715 have made full recoveries.

Meantime, 21 people are in the hospital with COVID-19. Two are on ventilators and in critical condition.