A Bristol Township man faces a court arraignment on Jan. 19, accused of lying about his address, country of birth, and prior weapons convictions, while purchasing handguns and assault weapons allegedly to support domestic and foreign terrorist groups, according to Bucks County prosecutors.

Noah Felt Dratfield, 32, also known as Nua Abdullah Alarcon, has been in Bucks County Prison since Nov. 2, awaiting arraignment. Involved in the investigation were agents of the FBI, state attorney general’s office, Bucks County and Bensalem Township police.

Dartfield is facing 50 counts, including sale transfer of firearms, tampering with public records or information, and unsworn falsification to authorities.

When purchasing guns, prosecutors said Dratfield lied about prior assault and drug convictions in New Jersey and Virginia –felonies that would prevent him from owning weapons. -PW