State Rep. Frank Farry’s bill to expand eligibility for the state’s PACENET prescription drug coverage program passed the House last week and is expected to be signed by Gov. Tom Wolf.

This (eligibility) expansion would be the first since 2004. It is funded by proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery and up to 17,000 more Pennsylvania seniors are expected to benefit from this expansion.

How it works: House Bill 270 would increase the annual maximum income limits in the PACENET program to $27,500 for a single person and to $35,500 for a married couple. Current maximum income requirements for the PACENET program, which covers individuals with incomes higher than PACE maximums, are $23,500 for a single individual and $31,500 for a married couple annually.

Additionally, the bill would allow two new pharmacy-based programs to be developed under the PACE program to assist seniors in monitoring their prescription drug usage.

Farry, a Republican, represents the 142nd legislative district.-pw