Potential Coronavirus Carriers Quarantined In Bucks

U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Elora J. Martinez.


There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bucks County. But the Bucks Department of Health is making sure anyone recently returning from China is not out spreading the disease.

The New Hope Free Press reported Wednesday there are dozens of people being monitored for the newly named COVID-19. Director of Health Dr. David Damsker joined WBCB 1490 Thursday afternoon to further clarify the situation and put fears at ease.

Anytime a person returns from China, they must self-quarantine. The Center For Disease Control and state alerts the Bucks health department.

“We follow them, we tell them what they need to do. We give them masks or thermometers, if necessary, to monitor their temperature, and they stay home for 14 days,” Damsker said. “No work, no school. Every single person so far has been extremely cooperative.”

The people being monitored live in each part of the county, including Upper, Central, and Lower Bucks. There are less than 100 people being monitored.

Damsker stated they are taking the issue very seriously. Any time there is a new virus, people lack an immunity.

“It’s very difficult to make any definitive statements because China is not totally forthcoming with everything that’s going on,” said Damsker. “But from what it seems like, this is a virus very similar to the common cold in transmission. But it does seem to cause a higher level of pneumonia, which of course can be lethal in certain people with certain conditions.”

Those people tend to be elderly with pre-existing medical conditions, according to Damsker.

The official coronavirus death toll reached 1,367 Thursday, a 254 jump from the day before. This is the largest single day increase, with 59,804 total cases. The Associated Press says this large change is due to a different approach to counting.

Damsker also strongly approved of Pennsbury High School’s recent decision to axe their band trip to China in April. Instead, the class is looking to head to Paris.