A new internal poll shows Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick with a sixteen point lead over Democratic challenger Christina Finello.

The survey from Congressional Leadership Fund shows Fitzpatrick leading 52-36. It has similar to results to a poll from CLF in July.

While CLF is a Republican Super PAC, the results resemble another survey from a Democratic pollster in mid-August. DFM Research had Fitzpatrick up 12 points, still beyond the margin of error.

With less than six weeks before election day, this most recent survey shows the incumbent Congressman making gains.

PoliticsPA shared the exclusive results Monday morning.

CLF interviewed 400 people between Sept. 14-16. The poll has a 4.9 percent margin of error.

Part of Fitzpatrick’s lead in the survey comes from independent voters. In this group, he has a 13 point margin.

Significantly, 23 percent of Democrats who responded to the poll also said they would vote for the Republican Congressman. Fitzpatrick has frequently touted himself as a moderate, citing Georgetown University ranking him as the single most independent member of the House.

The Finello campaign did not directly respond to the poll results. Instead, a spokesperson tied Fitzpatrick to President Donald Trump in a statement to PoliticsPA.

“Brian Fitzpatrick and his special interest friends are doubling down on Trump’s playbook of fear-mongering and lies because they know Fitzpatrick’s record of failing to stand up for Bucks and Montgomery counties, voting with Donald Trump to gut protections for people with preexisting conditions, and refusing to extend urgently needed relief during the pandemic is indefensible,” said Finello campaign spokesperson, Ali Anderson. “Voters know better. In November, Fitzpatrick will be held accountable for turning his back on the people he is meant to serve and misleading them for the sake of partisan politics.”

As PoliticsPA Managing Editor John Cole points out, Fitzpatrick voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act in 2017.

Former candidate Scott Wallace made similar attacks against Fitzpatrick in last cycle’s race. The Washington Post gave Democrats “four Pinocchio’s” for the statement.