Police Search For Mack Truck In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Hit-and-run victim Alexandra Ridgway, 29. Photo via Michael Egan.

The Middletown Township Police Department believes it has narrowed down the type of vehicle which struck and killed a 29-year-old woman on Route 1 this past Monday.

Police have examined several vehicles in connection to the death of Alexandra Ridgway. But they are still searching for the first vehicle to hit, and kill, her.

Evidence at the scene shows a large tractor-trailer is likely the vehicle which killed Ridgway, according to police. Detectives found a piece of a front grill stamped with the Mack Truck Bulldog with a partial part number. It was relatively clean and likely broke off recently.

Chief Joe Bartorilla says the piece belongs to the CHN series of Mack Trucks. The model years for this make are 2004 through 2007.

“The damaged area to the front of this truck would be noticeable and substantial, and even potentially disabling. Alerts have been issued to all certified Mack Truck repair facilities in the area to be on the¬†lookout¬†for a Mack Truck that may need these types of repairs.”

If they can identify the exact vehicle, police believe they can find the individual responsible for striking Ridgway and fleeing the scene

Additionally, authorities officially identified a human limb found in Philadelphia as Ridgway’s left arm. A passerby noticed the remains hours after police closed Route 1 Monday morning.

“Examination of the arm indicates it was most likely transferred from the crash scene on Route 1 by a vehicle that traveled through the crash scene.”

CBS 3 reported a link between the arm and Ridgway this past Monday. However, authorities waited until they could confirm the information before releasing any statement.

Anyone with information can reach out to the Middletown Township Police at 215-750-3800.