The Lower Southampton Police are looking for a Philadelphia man charged with DUI and recklessly endangering another person. Officials say Azel Marcus Johnson, 25, drunkenly struck a utility pole with his vehicle, but disappeared after being processed.

Police found a bizarre scene early the morning of Mar. 20. They arrived to a black Toyota Corolla on West Maple Ave with signs of damage, but no driver.

Azel Johnson, 25. Image via Crimewatch.

Authorities claim Johnson hit a pole on Bridgetown Pike around 2:35 a.m. When later questioned, the suspect narrated his perspective of events.

Johnson told police he was struck from behind by another vehicle before careening off into the pole, according to reports.

With his car immobilized, Johnson and a passenger pursued the unidentified vehicle on foot. It drove away towards Feasterville, but no further information is available on the striking car.

Unsurprisingly, the pair were unable to catch the vehicle as it drove away. Defeated, Johnson returned to his car, but police had already arrived. They described Johnson as visibly intoxicated.

Johnson has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 8, but he reportedly disappeared shortly after being processed. If he does not turn up, the date may need to be rescheduled.

Officials report Johnson used to live in Lower Southampton and may be in the area. Anyone with information on his whereabouts can submit a tip on Crimewatch.