A jury has convicted a Philadelphia man of conspiracy to distribute meth and heroin throughout the surrounding region, including Bucks County.

Prosecutors say Vontez Scales, 29, was a member of a drug traffic organization known as “Skipworth.”

U.S. Attorney William McSwain says the group distributed millions of dollars worth of drugs in the area. Several other co-conspirators, including Damir Skipworth, have pleaded guilty to federal drug trafficking charges.

Scales has two prior convictions for drug offenses and most recently peddled crystal meth by the pound. He used the money largely on car rentals, hotels, and luxury clothing.

“Drugs don’t stop at county borders. This makes collaborative efforts like this one essential,” said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub. “We in law enforcement are fortunate to have excellent federal, state, county and local partners in our fight to bring drug dealers to justice. This conviction was the culmination of teamwork at its finest.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration, Bucks County Detectives Bureau, and the Philadelphia Police Department cooperated in the investigation.