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Updated: July 13, 2017

By Trevor Newcomb and Charlotte Reese

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Cosmo DiNardo is back in jail, this time for a charge that ties him to the disappearance of four young men.

The 20-year-old was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of receiving stolen property as well as trying to sell it. The property is the car of one of the four missing men, Thomas Meo, 21, of Plumstead.

The 1996 Nissan Maxima was found days ago inside of a garage on Aquetong Road in Solebury, just around the corner from the home on Lower York Road where most of the search has been focused. The DiNardo family owns both homes.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub announced during Wednesday’s 3 p.m.press briefing that DiNardo was indeed back in custody and was en route to arraignment. Weintraub noted DiNardo tried to sell the car for $500 to a friend whose name has not yet been released.

In his opening remarks, Weintraub also noted that things were heating up at the Lower York Road site, which is reportedly 90-acres large.

“The search at the scene right up the road is really intensifying and I appreciate your patience,” he said. “We are going to find something for sure. I have no doubt about it.”

Upon further investigation of the car, police found that the title was unsigned by Meo, meaning there was no legal transfer of the ownership of the car.

A diabetic kit was also found inside.

“Meo is known to be a diabetic and his diabetic kit, which he never went anywhere without, was found in that vehicle,” Weintraub explained.

The information of the car and its contents, as well as the arrest of DiNardo, could have been what Weintraub spoke about in his 11 a.m. conference on Wednesday. It is said that investigators have found evidence, but did not elaborate specifically on what it was.

According to an affidavit obtained by this news organization, the Solebury Township Police used a mobile license plate reader.  

The unit found on July 7th around 7:49 p.m. DiNardo and Meo’s cars were on the same road, seconds apart less than two miles from the location Meo’s car was found and less than one mile where Mark Sturgis’ vehicle was found. 

“I do think that at some point, it is possible – we don’t know it – but it is possible that this charge can be enveloped into a larger set of circumstances,” Weintraub added.




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Following the press conference, a video arraignment took place inside Magisterial Judge Maggie Snow’s office.

The second in command, Bucks County DA, Gregg Shore, requested a $5 million cash bail. 

“He is a danger to society and is at risk for flight,” Shore said. He noted Cosmo DiNardo has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and that his mother submitted a 302 commitment during his last arrest on Tuesday. 

Defense Attorney’s Michael Parlow and Paul Lang explained DiNardo has no history of legal trouble. 

“This information was known days ago,” Lang said to the Judge. “This is an added charge to hold him in jail.” 

After a less than 10 minute debate, Judge Maggie Snow set the bail at the request of DA Shore. 

Per another request of DA Shore, DiNardo is being transferred from Bensalem to the Bucks County Correctional Facility. 




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What else has been reported?

DiNardo has a history of bragging about killing people and selling drugs and guns.

According to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, DiNardo has a history of dabbling into illegal acts.

Eric Beitz, 20 of Bensalem, is a close friend of Thomas Meo. He told the Inquirer and Daily News that he and friends had spent time with DiNardo in the previous weeks and that the 20-year-old DiNardo had spoken about having people killed and killing people himself.

Neighbors heard a shotgun being fired days ago

According to a neighbor who spoke with PhillyVoice.com, the ringing of a firing shotgun was heard during Saturday afternoon.

The four men were already reported missing at the time of the shots.

“Heard shotgun firing sounds 4 separate times late Saturday afternoon in the area in question. First round ‘fired’ approximately 3:35pm. 3 subsequent sets of what sounded to my husband and me like a shotgun being fired. Any idea what this was? Hope not related.”

That was what Susan Cowen Coleman commented on a post made by the Solebury Township Police’s Facebook page.

She later commented again saying, “Officer Did take the info, however. This was Definitely suspicious shots fired – nothing like the hunters around here in season. 4 separate sets of gunfire.”

DiNardo may not be mentally stable.

According to a friend of DiNardo who spoke with Heavy.com, the 20-year-old suffered frontal lobe damage to his brain following a recent ATV accident.

The following is an except the story on Heavy.com:


A friend of DiNardo’s told Heavy.com that “six or seven months” before his arrest, though another source said the injury occurred closer to November 2016, DiNardo suffered a head injury following a quad biking accident. The friend said that DiNardo was stranded in the woods alone for around a day and a half with injuries, including broken bones and bleeding on his brain. As a result of the accident DiNardo had frontal lobe damage. The friend said that sometime after the accident, DiNardo began using K2, a synthetic marijuana drug.

Later, the same friend told Heavy.com that DiNardo had an IQ of around 158. The source said, “[DiNardo] is extremely smart and deceptive and knows his way around forensic data.”


Neighbors who spoke to The Trentonian described DiNardo as “pretty nutty.”



Stay tuned for details.