The Pennsbury School District will be converting eight diesel-powered school buses to run on propane thanks to a $68,000 grant from Harrisburg.

State Rep. Perry Warren and State Sen. Steve Santarsiero announced the funding Wednesday. Warren called the grant for the change to a “greener” fuel, “great news.”

“This grant for Pennsbury School District will improve air quality in our community and save taxpayers money in the long haul,” said Warren. “Studies have shown that propane-powered buses are cheaper to operate, maintain and repair than diesel buses.”

The funding comes from the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants program. In total, the program awarded $681,000 to six projects in the Keystone State.

Other monies from the program will go to Waste Management for “eight heavy-duty compressed natural gas vehicles.” They will use these trucks at numerous company sites, including those in Bucks County.

“Promoting alternative fuels not only improves our air quality and public health, it encourages economic growth and technological development,” said state Sen. Steve Santarsiero. “The grants awarded to Waste Management and Pennsbury School District provide a financial stimulus that ultimately moves Bucks County towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.”