Pennsbury School Board Approves Remote Learning Plan Through Jan 2021

The Pennsbury School Board has approved a plan to conduct virtual only schooling through the end of January 2021.

It involves synchronous learning five days per week, or live face-to-face classes via an online program.

Teachers will take attendance daily, with the expectation students attend as they would during a normal school year. The plan states there is some leniency.

“It is expected that some students will be absent from class or have difficulty with internet access from time to time.”

The district also expects teachers to hold office hours before and after school. They must also record lessons or hold review sessions to ensure everyone has equal access to content.

While the district already has chromebooks for students sixth grade and up, they are planning to provide these computers to all students first through fifth grades as well.

The plan also leaves the door open to fall athletics. It includes competition start dates for the following sports, including:

  • 9/3 Golf (Low Risk)
  • 9/8 Tennis (Low Risk)
  • 9/14 Cross Country (Low Risk)
  • 9/21 Field Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball (Moderate Risk)
  • 10/2 Football (High Risk)

However, the school board has not made its final decision on fall sports. It will wait until September 18 to approve or cancel sports. The board can also approve some sports and not others.

The Pennsbury School District will also provide food pickup/distribution as it did last spring following school closures.

More details on the Pennsbury Continuity of Education plan are available here.