Pennsbury School Board Adopts Hybrid Reopen Plan

The Pennsbury School Board has voted to approve a Health and Safety Plan for students returning in the fall. It includes a hybrid of in-person and virtual classes to limit potential spread of the coronavirus.

This decision comes after input from the local community. Parents recently responded to a questionnaire about what they would prefer for the new year.

Pennsbury’s plan is now public for anyone to review.

Before the fall semester begins, crews will do a deep cleaning of all school facilities. Once classes begin, all high-touch surfaces will be cleaned twice per day.

Buses will receive the same treatment once per day. Desks and tablets will also be cleaned “on a frequent basis.”

In addition to cleaning procedures, hand sanitizer will be available in hallways and classrooms. The district will instruct students and staff to wash their hands frequently as well.

As the virus easily spreads in indoor areas, the district is also including a priority to ventilate its classrooms. This includes circulating air towards open windows and using outside air when possible. It is unclear how effective this will be when the season changes to colder temperatures.

With only some students in schools at a time, social distancing will be easier. All desks must face the same direction and stay six feet apart.

Hallways will also be different than in years prior. Instead of students gathering before or after classes, they must go directly to class.

The district will limit access to communal areas, including auditoriums, libraries, and gyms. Cafeterias will also be limited and lunch will consist of either take-out or grab-and-go options.

Water fountains are off limits. Students should bring water bottles, even if single use.

The Bucks County Government will also supply face shields to every student instead of masks.

The full Health and Safety Plan is 44 pages long. Parents whose questions are not answered in the plan can submit their own here.