The Pennsbury School District was recently awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education worth $19,994, which falls under a program called, “Safe Schools Initiative Targeted grants.”

The grant will allow the district and the Bucks County Peace Center to continue a partnership, explained Elizabeth Aldridge, Pennsbury’s Director of Pupil Services. An anti-bullying program called, “Respecting You, Respecting Me,” will be introduced to third-grade students by the end of the school year. The seminar is not new to the district.

“We consider ourselves very lucky that this funding is available because without it we may not have been able to continue this program,” Aldridge said.

The application process was “extensive and competitive.” Pennsbury provided a rationale for the program, as well as, relevant data which included a safe schools’ report and student demographics.

Alrdige explained, “the data was positive, (but) we were still able to demonstrate a need for continuing education for anti-bullying.”

Pennsbury is set to begin plans with trainers from the Peace Center who will visit the district’s 10 elementary schools. The grant will cover costs of the training and the educational materials needed.

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Aldridge also noted the support from State Reps Perry Warren and John Galloway who released a statement Nov. 17 after the grant’s approval.

“We’re very happy to have their support,” she said. “We are fortunate to have a positive and supportive relationship with our local politicians.”

Galloway specifically wrote about the need to prevent bullying.

“Anytime we reduce the amount of time a student spends worrying about illicit behavior surrounding him or her, that time gets put back into learning the lesson plan,” Galloway stated.