The greatest prom in American continues to live up to the hype.

The Pennsbury Channel released a video (see below) announcing the 2018 prom entertainers.

Former Nickelodeon star and musician, Drake Bell, and Jersey Shore cast member, DJ Pauly D will perform at this year’s Pennsbury prom.

Pauly D’s appearance will mark the second straight year the reality television star headlines the dance.

Unlike last year, DJ Pauly D personally reached out to the high school requesting he perform.

“He was so knocked out by the experience last year he actually wanted to come back this year,” Senior Prom Adviser Tony Napoli said.

“He saved the day last year. This year he will have more time to meet and greet the students, tour the decorations, and have a  prepared set list. We are really excited.”

The Jersey Shore cast member took to twitter to reiterate Napoli’s statements.

Napoli also believes the booking of Drake Bell is an ode to the students childhoods.

“We pursed Drake Bell because we knew he was on tour,” Napoli said. “We felt like having Drake Bell would be a nice throwback for the students.” 

The critically acclaimed prom is set to take place this Saturday. Bell will perform at 8:00 p.m., and DJ Pauly D will headline the event.