Pennsbury High School’s senior prom was back and better than ever Saturday evening as hundreds of students made their way down the red carpet to a packed gymnasium.

Dubbed as the Best Prom in America, people from all over the Bucks County and Levittown areas attended the walk-through preceding prom. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling transformation of the East campus with hand made decorations inspired by the theme, “Prom to the Music.”

The theme celebrates different genres of music, famous music artists throughout the decades, and popular music festivals. This celebration of music was best reflected through the astounding decorations students made themselves under the supervision of Prom Adviser and retired Pennsbury High School Art Teacher Tony Napoli.

From Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album cover in the main lobby, to the mechanical falcon flying over the dancefloor carrying a boombox by its talons, the prom committee did not miss a single note.

Students arrived to the red carpet like rock stars on handcrafted floats, vintage cars, and even a trolly. The floats radiated authenticity and creativity resembling albums of different artists, music festivals such as Coachella, and one float replicated a yellow submarine inspired by The Beatles.

Daniel Cherepko and Tori Petry stand with Greg Harris. Photo by Kayla Santiago.

CEO and President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Greg Harris, made an appearance to crown prom king and queen, Daniel Cherepko and Tori Petry. Harris is also a Pennsbury High Scool alumni and was thrilled to be back at his Alma mater.

Rapper Desiigner was the next famous guest to take to the stage. His contagious energy, music, and attempt at crowd surfing hyped up the crowd to the point where his performance was interrupted by administration in order to calm the students down. After a short break, Desiigner was back on stage and finished his performance.

DJ Pauly D from the hit reality television show Jersey Shore made his third consecutive appearance at Pennsbury prom this year. He ended the night on a high note spinning tracks and pumping up the crowd.

All proms certainly pale in comparison to the Best Prom in America.

WBCB’s Courtney Fegley contributed to this post.