Thursday, September 7, the Pennsbury School District will host a basketball tournament to help the people and communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Hoops For Harvey” will feature three on three teams grades 6-12 with a $50 entry fee per team. Thursday night, William Penn Middle School will host girls matches from 5:30 to 7:30 grades 6 through 8 will play, then from 7:30 to 9:30 grades 9 through 12 will take the court. Over at Charles Boehm Middle School, the boys’ teams will play with the same schedule.

Hurricane Harvey has claimed at least 30 lives while the Houston Police Department has rescued more than 3,500 people from flood waters so far, according to reports as of Wednesday, August 30.

The organizer of the event, Frank Sciolla is a Pennsbury High School English teacher and Head Coach of the girls’ basketball team. And he is no stranger to sports themed charity events.

Sciolla has planned “coaches vs. cancer” and other local charitable events for more than six years with the district. He explained after he saw the devastation in Texas he was inspired to create Pennsbury’s first non-local basketball tournament fundraiser.

“Part of it is what can we do to help,” Sciolla said referring to the victims in Texas, “and the other part is what can we do here (at Pennsbury) to show our kids how fortunate we are.”

“Hoops For Harvey” will also feature raffles, contests, concessions and prizes for the champions of each division. Sciolla has already received a “tremendous response” from the community including former Pennsbury graduate, Levoy Allen.

“He (Allen) currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas and will fly up here to help officiate some of the games.”

Allen currently with the Indiana Pacers is entering his sixth year in the NBA but was once a player of Sciolla’s team when he coached the Pennsbury boys’ team.

Sciolla plans to announce the fundraiser when students return to school in full later this week. He has worked with Lisa Becker, Pennsbury HS West’s Co-Principal who has a connection with St. Michaels, a Houston based church.

“We want to get the money to Texas as soon as possible,” Sciolla said.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating click on the link below for further details. All teams must be signed up by Wednesday, September 6.,%202017.pdf