Pennsbury Manor Fundraiser Looks To Match $17,500 Donation

A generous donor has given $17,500 to Pennsbury Manor and is looking to the rest of the community to match. By October 31, the nonprofit is looking to have $35,000 to help support education for young students.

Founded in 1683 by William Penn, Pennsbury Manor now serves as a historical landmark in Bucks County. While no one lives on the estate, it acts as an educational tool for young students and the public.

In a typical year, the historical site on the Delaware River sees more than 10,000 kids. Many visit on class trips. On William Penn days, Pennsbury Manor has hosted about 2,000 kids per day.

But due to the pandemic, the estate is closed to the public. This has cut students off from a valuable way for them to learn Pennsylvania’s early history.

A promotional poster for Penn Pals.

In response to the current situation, the nonprofit is expanding its virtual learning programs. But seeing, and smelling, the estate’s horses, sheep, and ox is a very different experience from learning on the computer.

So, two volunteers decided to step up and help fund hands-on activity kits for students to supplement virtual learning.

First, James and Susan Pagliaro donated $17,500 to the program.

The Pagliaros are volunteers at Pennsbury Manor. While the Commonwealth owns the estate, it is up to the Pennsbury Society to manage the grounds. James also serves on the board of the Pennsbury Society and acts as Fundraising Chair.

Now the Pagliaros are challenging other people to collectively match their donation. Pennsbury Manor is calling these generous donors “Penn Pals.”

As of October 2, the effort has raised more than $12,000 in less than a month. The cutoff date is October 31 and it needs only about $5,000 to reach its goal.

Anyone who wants to contribute can do so here. More information about Pennsbury Manor is available on its website.