Nearly 800 Pennsbury Seniors are now moving onto their next stage in life.

They walked across the stage at Falcon Field to collect their diplomas and fully graduate from high school. The class of 2021 received more than $18 million in scholarships across 770 students.

Photo by Rick Rickman.

In the home and visitor stands, families and friends cheered on the young graduates. Only the students wore masks, who then took them off are receiving their diplomas.

Student President Lexi Snyder spoke to her peers about the meaning of legacy.

“We are mosaics of everyone around us, cut and defined by environment and upbringing,” said Snyder. “But it’s the ones who greet challenge and opportunity that truly get the most from life.”

Superintendent Dr. William Gretzula gave his last commencement speech as he plans to retire this summer.

“When you look back on your years at PHS, I hope you take pride in knowing you have gone through some of the most challenging and innovative years in Pennsbury’s
history,” said Gretzula. “I speak for many when I say I am inspired by your persistence, resilience, and determination.”

Families support their graduates at the 2021 Pennsbury Commencement Ceremony. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Student speaker Daniel Dietrich orated on a year of dictated by the pandemic. Their final experience in high school was mostly virtual learning and uncertainty.

“The class of 2021 has consistently been regarded as a senior year lost, but I don’t look at it this way,” said Dietrich, “for we have learned more from this year than we could have ever imagined.”

Dietrich said if they learned anything, it was that anything could happen.

“In a year filled with isolation and doubts about the future we came to value ourselves and the people in our lives who simply make us feel good.”

The full livestream of Thursday commencement ceremony is available here.