Pennsbury Honors Student Artists At Reception

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

The Pennsbury School District honored six student artists Thursday, Oct. 30 at its Annual Art Reception. Their pieces will now hang in the Central Administration Building in Fallsington.

Superintendent Dr. William Gretzula and Art Curriculum Coordinator Ruth Anne Schultz led the ceremony. They showered the selected artists with praise for their outstanding art pieces.

Every year, five to six student-made art pieces are picked out of almost 500 at the district art show. Those works are then unveiled to the community and hung to depict the talent and hard work of the students in the Pennsbury School District.

Naisha Kabadi proudly stands next to her piece. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

“We’re here at the ceremony for the Superintendent’s permanent collection where artwork is chosen to be displayed here in the administration building,” said Karen Mummey, who’s been teaching art in the Pennsbury school district for 17 years.

For the first time, one of Karen Mummey’s students, Naisha Kabadi, was picked by the board to be honored and have her art featured in the building.

“I think it took me around a month and a half,” Kabadi said.

Naisha’s painting is based off of Karen Mummey’s impressionism unit taught in class. It took Naisha over a month to perfect her painting- and her hard work paid off.

The selected pieces will hang for at least a year in the Superintendent’s office. They will then be permanently relocated to other hallways and offices within the building.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.