Pennsbury Honors Bus Driver of the Year

Mr. McGoldrick (right) receiving a signed and framed copy of the Board resolution from Transportation Director, Mr. Charlie Williams. Photo via Pennsbury School District.

Every weekday morning, Mr. Thomas “Scotty” McGoldrick drives Bus #123 to schools throughout the Pennsbury School District. Now, he’s the 2019 Bus Driver of the Year.

Thomas (“Scotty”) McGoldrick in his bus. Photo via Pennsbury School District.

Known for his Scottish accent, “Scotty” has worked as a bus driver for the district for 17 years. He helps bring students to Oxford Valley Elementary School, the middle school campus, and to Pennsbury High School.

“I try and make their ride as pleasant as possible,” he said. “I love the kids.”

But he acknowledges the middle school students can be a bit more to work with. Smiling, he said, “You have to remain as calm as you can.”

McGoldrick came to the United States in 1958, then promptly joined the army the following year. He has also been an avid trumpet player since the age of 12 and is a member of the Tri-County Band.