The President and CEO of Penn Community Bank has joined a panel designed to help businesses when they reopen.

Bucks County Commissioner Bob Harvie created the Bucks County Economic Recovery Task Force earlier this month. It includes twelve members of the Bucks County community.

Jeane M. Vidoni, CEO Penn Community Bank.

The goal is figure out what challenges businesses will face as Bucks moves to the yellow phase on June 5. Then, the Economic Recovery Task Force will make recommendations.

These recommendations could include new policies, how to adapt to new levels of business, and even needed supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE).

Additionally, the task force will listen to business owners. From there, it can figure out the best way to assist them as the county reopens.

Jeanne M. Vidoni, Penn Community Bank CEO and President, stated she is proud to join the task force, calling it “critical.”

“As the CEO of a community-first bank headquartered in Bucks County, I understand the toll that the coronavirus pandemic is taking on our community,” said Vidoni. “For residents and businesses in Bucks County, it is crucial that local stakeholders work together to effectively respond to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“I want to personally thank task force members for sharing their personal knowledge and professional expertise as the county implements our economic response to COVID-19,” said Harvie.

Penn Community Bank is the the largest mutual bank headquartered in Southeastern Pennsylvania. This is not the first time the bank has played a role in helping Bucks during the pandemic.

Among other ways PCB has helped Bucks, it played a vital role in the creation of the Bucks County COVID-19 Recovery Fund. Penn Community Bank was the first partner to donate $25,000 in March so United Way Bucks could allocate resources to local non-profits. Anyone interested in learning more about or donating to the fund can visit

Then in April, the bank donated $30,000 to the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership (BCHIP). This contribution established the Penn Community Bank Healthcare Operational Priority Emergency (HOPE).

HOPE covers the cost of care for the county’s most vulnerable. It offers assistance to those who do not have shelter. This includes people who are unable to return to group homes.

These costs include expenses for isolation, medical supplies, and PPE for clients and staff.

Since then, Penn Community Bank has donated 1,400 N-95 masks to the Bucks County Emergency Service Center.

Other members of the Task Force include:

  • Minesh Pathak, Executive Director, Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce
  • Paul Bencivengo, President and Chief Operating Officer, Visit Bucks County
  • Tom Tosti, Supervisor, Middletown Township; Chair, AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
  • Billie Barnes, Director, Bucks County Workforce Development Board
  • Danielle Bodnar, Executive Director, Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce
  • Vail Garvin, Executive Director, Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce
  • Richard Harvey, Director, Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation and Open Space Program
  • Patrick Kennedy, Vice President, Superior Woodcraft Inc.
  • Margie McKevitt, Chief Operating Officer, County of Bucks
  • Jon Mercer, Founder, Stacks Co.
  • Steve Wray, Chair, Bucks County Transition Subcommittee on Economic Development