An estimated 6,000 PECO customers in Lower Bucks are still without power Thursday morning after Tropical Storm Isaias. Some residents may not see the lights go back on until midnight Sunday.

State Rep. Frank Farry joined Speak Your Piece Wednesday to give an update on the situation after speaking with PECO.

They expect to restore power for 95 percent of customers by Friday night as they target areas with the greatest number of outages first.

However, this inevitably leaves some people without power when damage is widespread.

Farry recommends checking on your neighbors to see if they have power. For those who won’t have power for a few days, he says to consider staying with someone who does.

As Middletown Fire Chief, Farry also warns of possible carbon monoxide poisoning from generators. People should always leave their generators outside and not near an open window.

PECO customers can report an outage online here. They can also call 1-800-841-4141.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, the following municipalities in Lower Bucks are still facing numerous outages:

  • Bensalem – 1,184 customers affected
  • Bristol Township – 1,132 customers affected
  • Falls Township – 953 customers affected
  • Lower Makefield – 917 customers affected
  • Lower Southampton – 1,065 customers affected
  • Middletown – 1,045 customers affected
  • Morrisville – 232 customers affected
  • Tullytown – 116 customers affected