PA Turnpike Rates Jump Again Monday For New Year

PA Turnpike
The Bensalem PA Turnpike interchange.

The price of using the Pennsylvania Turnpike is increasing again.

The cost rose 6 percent for all E-ZPass users Monday morning at midnight. An average Turnpike driver taking the most common trip will see a 10 cent increase to $1.60.

For those who don’t have an E-ZPass, the TOLL BY PLATE rate just shot up 45 percent. Their most common trip went from $2.50 to $3.90.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission CEO Mark Compton says the difference in change comes from the added cost of processing the toll, sending out bills, and collecting payments.

Compton adds the vast majority of drivers, about 86 percent, use E-ZPass.

“Now that hundreds of grocery stores in the Commonwealth offer E-ZPass, chances are you pass by at least one of them,” Compton said. “Because of our low administration and enrollment fees, and the ability to set up an automatically replenished or cash-funded E-ZPass account, there’s no reason not to get it.”

For those who still choose to not get E-ZPass, there is a new way to get a 15 percent discount. This discount is available to any TOLL BY PLATE driver who downloads the recently upgraded “PA Toll Pay” app and creates an autopay account.

Rates on the Turnpike have increased every year since 2007. They will continue to go up in the future, but by not as much.

Passed in 2007, Act 44 required the PTC to pay $450 million to PennDOT annually to fund public transportation agencies. In 2022, this amount will drop to $50 million.