The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is preparing for busy roadways ahead of the Independence Day weekend.

Turnpike CEO Mark Compton expects 5.7 million motorists to hit the highway between Friday, July 2 and Sunday, July 11. Overall, this is more than a million more vehicles on the roadway than last year.

Friday afternoons will likely be peak travel times as traffic levels return to near pre-pandemic levels. Next Tuesday through Thursday will also see heavy traffic as well.

Estimated totals for each day are below:

  • July 2 — 690,000 vehicles
  • July 3 — 525,000 vehicles
  • July 4 — 420,000 vehicles
  • July 5 — 525,000 vehicles
  • July 6 & 7— 600,000 vehicles
  • July 8 — 625,000 vehicles
  • July 9 — 675,000 vehicles
  • July 10 — 540,000 vehicles
  • July 11 — 535,000 vehicles

“Additionally, speeding, and distracted driving have become more acute since the pandemic,” said Compton. “Travelers should be alert, properly prepared, and expect some delays. Friday afternoons are likely to be peak travel times.”

The PTC notes more travelers are using recreational vehicles, or RVs. To help families using RVs for the first time, the PTC has created a Ramp Up for Summer Travel section on its website.