PA Turnpike Expects Downturn In Thanksgiving Travel

Traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike should be less hectic this year as less people are expected to travel for Thanksgiving.

The PTC estimates just 2.8 million motorists will use the Turnpike for the holiday. This includes the period from Tuesday, Nov. 24 to Sunday, Nov. 29.

This is a significant drop from years prior. Last year, 3.8 million people used the PA Turnpike to see their loved ones during a similar time period. The year before, 3.9 million people hit the road.

“With the guidance not to travel, you will find fewer cars on our roadway than in prior years during this holiday,” said PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton. “However, if you do need to be on the roadway, you should plan ahead, take health and safety precautions, and pay attention to what is happening.”

For planning purposes, some days will have heavier traffic than others. The heaviest traffic periods will be 3 to 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanksgiving will have the least busy roadways.

One major change to the Turnpike is the lack of cash tolls. The PA Turnpike is now a completely electronic tolling, or cashless, roadway. Motorists are encouraged to get an E-ZPass to lower costs of travel.