PA Turnpike Campaigns For Worker Safety

PA Turnpike worker victims.
Cones are lined up with plaques, each bearing a name of a worker killed on the job. May 2019.

PA Turnpike’s Go Orange Week kicked off at the Trevose Maintenance facility in Bensalem Wednesday afternoon. Turnpike officials and local legislative officials joined turnpike workers to raise awareness and encourage safe driving through work zones.

State Representative Gene DiGirolamo pledged his support to the turnpike workers and the families affected by these strategies.

State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo walks to the podium to offer support to the families who lost a loved one while working on roadways.

“I see some vehicles on the turnpike that go too fast. We must do everything we possibly can with the turnpike and the legislature to make sure that another life is not taken again,” DiGirolamo said. “You have got my promise and commitment to everything I can do in Harrisburg.”

At the event there was a memorial for Turnpike workers killed in action.

Turnpike official Craig Shuey outlined what the PA Turnpike has done to ensure safer conditions for turnpike workers.

“We have decreased our worker’s exposure on the roadways. We started doing work at night,” Shuey said. “And we have been increasing awareness and putting faces to the people that you pass by.”

The PA Turnpike Commission has  created a partnership with Waze to point out road work and improve the safety of turnpike workers and toll collectors. It has also worked with the state police to enforce stricter driving standards.

This is PA Turnpike’s third annual PA Go Orange week. Injuries and accidents on the PA Turnpike have been decreasing since the campaign’s inception.