PA Supreme Court Extends Mail-In Ballot Deadline, Removes Green Party From Ticket

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A Real Clear Ballot voting machine. Photo via Bucks County.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made several rulings with significant consequences for the upcoming November 3 General Election.

First, the Court ruled to extend the mail-in ballot deadline to Friday, Nov. 6. Ballots must be postmarked by election day, Nov. 3, to be counted.

Pennsylvania Democrats made the request to order the extension. The PA Supreme Court has a 5-2 Democrat majority, though the decision was made 4-3.

The elected justices also voted along party lines to remove Green Party’s presidential nominee from the ballot. It ruled the nominee did not follow procedures.

Finally, the PA Supreme Court ruled to continue the use of satellite election offices and drop boxes. The body made this decision, again, along party lines.

Democrats Governor Tom Wolf and PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro celebrated the ruling. In a joint statement, they labeled it a “decision in favor of voters.”

“This is a victory that will help ensure that every eligible voter will more easily be able to cast their ballot and have it counted fairly.”

Meantime, Republican Senator Pat Toomey said the “blatantly political decision to violate the law irresponsibly heightens the risk that our state will experience a lengthy, disputed and controversial outcome in what is expected to be an extremely close presidential race.”