Wednesday evening the Centre for the Arts hosted a grand opening of the ‘Our River’ exhibit.

The display will run for the next three weeks, but will not end there.

“In the fall we plan to have different themes,” Bill Pezza, organizer, and president of the civic group Raising the Bar noted.

The gallery on Mill Street in Bristol Borough bustled with residents and those interested in catching a glimpse of the river through a different artists view.

“For such a narrow focus its a good turn out,” Pezza said.

Food and beverages were available and did not stray from the theme.

A representative from The Delaware Riverkeeper Network set up a table to distribute information about a fracking petition, pamphlets labeled stop the pipeline, and to gain members.

“With this type of event it’s easier to talk to people,” Kelly Gallagher, Member Programs and Development Associate said. 

She noted that other events people walk by their table without a thought, but at a gallery themed ‘Our River’ several new signatures were added to the lists.

“People here care,” Gallagher related, “it’s a nice change of pace.”



In addition to the ‘Our River’ display, The Centre for the Arts has different art pieces displayed throughout the gallery.