By this time next year, Levittown area rail riders will have a new and improved site.

The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is on track with the Levittown station and loop improvement project. Construction began in Summer of 2015, although the latest view allows for noticeable development.

“Now with the platforms going up and the overpass there, it gets much more exciting for everybody,” Robert Lund, SEPTA Assistant General Manager of Engineering, Maintenance and Construction said.

Lund shared he was unsure of how the community found out, but SEPTA crews had a night-owl crowd when they had to shut down the tracks and swing in the overpass. He explained Phase 1 consisted of behind the scenes work, such as “parking lot and roadway prep-work.”

“We had to prepare the site for all the work which included temporary platforms,” he went on. “When we do a project, we still have riders to serve.”

Lund, thus far, expects a $21 million construction project and remains on track with budget spending. SEPTA has planned for a $35.9 million budget, with funding made possible through Act 89’s transportation section.

The station located in Tullytown has been around since 1953 and a part of SEPTA’s Trenton Line for more than 30 years. The project will transform the two platform station into a disability accessible site with a high level, pedestrian overpass as well as additional parking.

In addition, the Levittown Station will have 452 parking spaces, up 62 from the original layout.

“The very first thing is the station will be fully ADA, Americans With Disabilities, compliant.”

Aside from the current construction, the Croydon Station was the other regional rail location included in the SEPTA revitalization project. The ribbon cutting ceremony occurred in 2011 and added Croydon to its list of 98 ADA accessible stations along the SEPTA lines.

To date, the Southeastern Authority has all buses and more than 100 stations accessible to all customers.

A reminder that the ticket office has and will remain open during construction. The hours are 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday in a temporary ticket office set up in front of the station.

Photos courtesy of SEPTA: