Jan. 4, the first winter storm of 2018 to hit the northeast and deemed a “bomb cyclone.” In Bucks County, various townships declared emergencies for residents safety.

William McCauley, Bristol Township Manager, said it’s best to stay off the roads during these conditions.

“Unless you’re a doctor or a nurse,” McCauley said. “It’s best to stay home and let us do our job and get the roads cleaned up.”

The Township building closed on Thursday around 1 p.m. McCauley said Bristol crews and contractors were working to plow the streets beginning at 7 a.m.

“It’s all hands on deck…It’s the winds you have to be careful of, once we clear a street it can get covered right away and cause the same conditions or worse.”

In Bristol Township:

  • Declaration of Disaster Emergency until 6 p.m. Friday
    • Due to the snow storm predicted to affect this area, Bristol Township has declared a Disaster Emergency. Residents are to remove all vehicles, trailers and boats parked on township roadways to allow for clear passage of snow plows and emergency vehicles.Vehicles, trailers, and boats left parked on township roadways during the Disaster Emergency will be subject to ticketing and towing by the Bristol Township Police Department.

In Falls Township: 

  • Snow Emergency until 6 a.m. Friday
    • During this time all vehicles are required to be removed from the street, per Township ordinance.

In Middletown Township: 

  • Offices closed Jan. 4

In Langhorne Borough: 

  • Snow Emergency until 9 p.m.
    • Mayor Joe Taylor made the declaration – Please move cars off the street this evening so the plows can clear the streets in the early morning. During a snow emergency all vehicles, trailers, etc. are to be off all streets in the Borough until 24 hours after the snow has stopped or the Mayor removes the snow emergency. If the snow is an overnight event it is best to move your vehicles before the snow begins. If cars are not moved you may be fined and the police may tow vehicles for the safety of our community.

In Lower Southampton: 

  • Snow Emergency until midnight Friday
    • The snow emergency is being declared out of caution due to the changing weather forecasts. All vehicles will need to be removed from public streets so that the Township Road Crew and PADOT can properly plow our streets. Vehicles left in the street risk being cited and/or towed.