Middletown Township will have no tax increase in the new year. The Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 on Monday to authorize the 2018 budget.

The budget has been in the works since September with the final preliminary announced Nov. 20. The Supervisors adopted the 2018 Proposed Budget which is balanced and includes $31,971,750 in operational expenditures and $4,811,500 in capital expenditures.

H. George Leonhauser, the secretary, voted against the budget due to lack of extra public services.

“There is no additional police officer in the budget or an additional department of public works employee in the budget,” Leonhauser said on his opposition.

The highest expenditure, 51%, of the budget is Middletown’s police. Since 2010 the pension fund increased more than $2 million. Secondary significant investments include employer paid benefits, public works, and fire protection/emergency management, among others.

The budget does include changes to the data and reporting systems for the Middletown Police Department. The system will, “better track areas of concern and direct patrols to improve the safety of areas in need.”

Also approved at the Dec. 11 meeting, Resolution #17-34R which fixes tax rates and special levies for the upcoming fiscal year, as well as #17-35R which establishes fees. The two resolutions passed with a unanimous vote.

Stephanie Teoli Kuhls, Township Manager, explained the Supervisors held budget workshops, welcomed public comments, and discussed it at past board meetings.

The Township plans a $1.5 million investment for repairs to the roadway, all a part of the 15-year Road Improvement Plan, as well as a Traffic Adaptive System to adjust traffic signals to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion on Business Route 1.

Middletown also planned for projects through Township funds, like Real Estate Tax to fix streetlights and revenue for volunteer firefighters.

The Township will pay a $2,797,500 Debt Service Fund for outstanding obligations from 2017. Middletown currently has more than $24 million in outstanding bonds and notes.