Fireworks are a staple of the Fourth of July weekend. But this year, they’re appearing in great numbers weeks before the actual holiday.

It seems after months of being in lockdown due to the pandemic, many people are looking for an outlet. Locals are setting off fireworks every night in the greater Philadelphia region, including Bensalem and Bristol Townships.

Some fireworks companies are seeing increased sales of almost 400 percent, according to 6abc.

Township Manager Randee Elton sent a letter to the community Thursday asking those who do set them off to consider their neighbors, veterans with PTSD, pets, and emergency services personnel.

“The dry conditions of the July 4th holiday underscore the need for discipline and responsibility with our fireworks celebrations. Managing these conditions on a few holiday weekend nights each year brings enough risk. Is it worth the risk to our emergency service workers to celebrate with fireworks every night of the summer?”

As a result, Elton requests “residents to please suppress the desire to celebrate with fireworks except for those days which have been appointed and scheduled for celebration.”

Meantime, the Bristol Township police are reminding everyone of safety regulations. These fireworks must be set off at least 150 feet away from an occupied structure.

Violators could face the maximum fines of up to $1,000. More regulations are available here.

Anyone with complaints of specific cases should reach out to the Bristol Township Police Department. They should use the police dispatch non-emergency line at (215) 785-4040.