The Newtown Township Police Department is warning residents about potential scam calls. Scammers impersonating Federal Law Enforcement reportedly called one near-victim and tried to extort $14,000.

Police say the scammers targeted the woman, threatening to arrest her if she did not comply. They demanded the $14,000 in payments using gift cards.

While this is a widely known scheme, one major detail made the victim uncertain; The scammer told the victim they would receive a call from the Newtown Township Police to back up their claims.

Not long later, a call from 215-579-1000 came down the line. The caller continued the scam, impersonating a Newtown Township Police officer.

“We are urging our community to be aware of this scam, especially since the Newtown Township Police Department’s telephone number (215-579-1000) is being used for caller ID spoofing,” the department said in a statement. “The Newtown Township Police Department will not contact anyone to solicit payments, in exchange for rectifying situations related to any alleged criminal charges.”