School funding remains an issue looming before school administrators, school directors, and parents, alike. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled on a school funding issue in a lawsuit filed by the William Penn School District in Delaware County that brings some hope to underfunded districts.

The high court decision will impact all Pennsylvania schools – sometime in the future, or as the attorney for the Delaware County plaintiffs, the William Penn School District said, it’s a beginning.

Filed in 2014, the lawsuit claimed funding for public schools is unconstitutional because it does fail to give every student a chance to succeed and distributes the funding in a less than equitable way.

Pennsylvania school officials reacted to the recent Supreme Court decision with some optimism, however. Pennsylvania Gov. TomWolf, said, “(This) presents an opportunity to further assure that students in Pennsylvania have access to a fair education system regardless of their zip code.”

An attorney for the Public Interest Law Center in Philadelphia took aim at state legislators, saying, “ State lawmakers don’t even pretend to give children the resources they need and that’s a profound dereliction of duty. The system is broken. Public schools don’t have enough money from the state and what resources there are distributed in an irrational way.”

“We won our day in court, but there is a lot of work ahead,” he added.” -PW