New Mural On Penn Community Bank In Bristol Features Local Landmarks

From left: Penn Community Bank CEO Jeane M. Vidoni, Raising the Bar President Bill Pezza, muralist Jean-Marc Dubus with his wife Maryanne. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A huge new mural painted onto Penn Community Bank in Bristol Borough features some of Bristol Borough’s most iconic landmarks.

Muralist Jean-Marc Dubus says he made the creation in 18 separate parts over three months then brought those parts together. Some of the most prominent sights include the Wharf, the statue of Harriet Tubman, the Grundy Mill Complex, and a view of Another Time Antiques on Mill Street.

While Dubus, of Dubus Studio, created the mural, the overall project was a collaborative effort.

Penn Community Bank President and CEO Jeane Vidoni introduced the mural to onlookers. She said the mural shows how they are a “community-first institution.”

“We’re proud to truly be a part of the communities we serve and are committed to meeting the financial and civic needs to individuals and families across the region.”

Penn Community Bank CEO Jeane M. Vidoni. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Bristol Borough: Raising the Bar President Bill Pezza said the community organization looks at other small, thriving towns throughout the country.

“One thing all of those small towns have in common is they have a strong public art program,” said Pezza.

He thanked Penn Community Bank for sponsoring the project and offering their technical support. Pezza added one of the most important stages in planning was agreeing on an image.

“And that was the fun part. The bank conveying to the artist the image they wanted about ‘town and community’ and ‘the old and the new.’ This is what they settled on. I think it was a tremendous choice.”

Meantime, Dubus is hoping to continue creating murals throughout the community.

“Thank you to the whole town of Bristol Borough for supporting me, for all the paintings they have allowed me to do here. They know that I would like to paint the whole town.”